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Virgil and Richie [entries|friends|calendar]
A League Of Their Own

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High or Low || Virgil/Richie/Francis [Sat]

Title: High or Low
Author: lynx212
Chars/Pairs: Virgil/Richie/Francis(Hotstreak)
Genres: Smut/Humor
Rating: M
Warnings: None I can think of ^_^
Word Count: 788
Summary: The boys decide to relax and cut loose... way loose
A/N: Longer version of what I posted at hentai_contest for Prompt #92
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Fic: Washable [Thu]

Title: Washable
Pairing: Virgil/Richie (naturally)
Rating: PG
Summary: Virgil came awake slowly, sleep-stupid and puzzled by the shifting in his mattress.

First post to this comm :D Hello everyone.
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Static Shock Drabble: Private Party [Sun]

Title: Private Party
Fandom: Static Shock
Chars/Pairs: Virgil/Richie
Rating: M 
Word Count: 149
Summary: Virgil and Richie are at a party but decide to entertain themselves. 
A/N: Written for hentai_contest such a lovely smutty community...you should go check it out (you know you love smut)

Virgil didn't reply he was too focused on the task at hand.

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Drabble: How it Is [Sat]

Title: How it Is
Fandom: Static Shock
Genre: Fluff/Waff/a smidgen of Angst
Characters: Virgil/Richie
Words: 100
Rating: K

Today has been a long day...
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Keep Away [Mon]


Title: Keep Away
Fandom: Static Shock
Author: Lynx212
Characters: Virgil, Richie, MetaBreed
Words:  282
Rating: K
Summary: The MetaBreed is having fun… 



Keep AwayCollapse )


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Kink Meme Reminder!~ [Tue]

  Hi all! 

Just want to remind everyone about our Anonymous Static Shock Kink Meme from my community, meme_power  . Let's request and fulfill! 

crossposted to dakota_bangs
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(fic) Disambiguation [ch.5] [Tue]

Disambiguation [Ch.5]: Slackened Ties, radishface
Static Shock → Virgil/Richie, and others.
Richie reaches a milestone.

A/N, Had a lot of fun writing it, though had to put Richie through all kinds of hell before I could call it a finished chapter. D: Feedback and comments are all very very much appreciated.

On LJ:

(It wasn’t just “Thomas and a few others” like Madelyn had said. Looking back, Richie realized that he really should have expected something like this.)

Also crossposted on FF.net, the_gas_station
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Uhhhm. [Wed]

Decided I should post something heeee. Just a sketch, nothing..good. I didn't want to be a creepy lurker, so.. heh. I'll try to upload something better later. Don't hurt me.
Picture. Kissing. I don't know.Collapse )
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Dakota Noir, anyone? [Fri]

[ mood | drained ]

 I mourn the unfinished chapters of Dakota Noir... and would like to request oneshots based off of it!  Personally, I think Static/Richie or Richie/Virgil situations would be very nice, and very, very appreciated.  So... anyone up to it?

For those who don't know, Dakota Noir is this: www.fanfiction.net/s/2317707/1/Dakota_Noir

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Dwayne McDuffie's Site/Forum [Thu]


The co-creator of Static has his own site and forums. Anyone that likes the character should definitely join. It's a great place to talk with others plus keeps you up to date with any new Static stuff. :D
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Static Shock Anonymous (Kink) Meme!!! [Tue]

I made an Anonymous Kink Meme for Static Shock. 
This Meme allows Kink and non-Kink requests. 

Thank You. 

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O yay for a fic dump! [Sun]

Virgil/Richie slash and one Richie-centric drabble. I (used?) the music meme, meaning I picked a song at random and siphoned out a drabble. I cheated, though. I didn't write most of them within the length of the song- I went back. And edited.

Cross posted to dakota_bangs, the gas station, and virichie

Aaand here it is!
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better late than never, right? [Sun]

[ mood | artistic ]

So I watched this show when it was originally on KidsWB! all those years ago. And though I sketched the two best friends together a few times and read fics, I never actually contributed anything to the fandom.

So here I am, contributing.

Pairing: Virgil(Static)/Richie
Rating: PG at the worst (boys hugging and blushing!)

image behind the lj-cutCollapse )

If anyone has ever wanted a scene from a V/R fic sketched out, I'll take requests.

x-posted to the_gas_station, dakota_bangs, and here.

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Hi, everyone! My name's Vicky /o/

This is my first post and posting just to share a little sketch I made yesterday. Hope you all like it :)

(the fake cut)

x-posted to </a></b></a>the_gas_station, </a></b></a>staticslash, </a></b></a>virichie and </a></b></a>dakota_bangs
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Malchik gay. [Tue]

[ mood | accomplished ]

One of the ways people tend to "disprove" slash pairings - which, the way I'm using the term, are same-sex pairings that aren't absolute canon in the series/movie of choice. For instance, I don't consider Brian/Justin from "Queer as Folk" a slash pairing, because it actually DOES exist in the series; I'm not sure if this is colloquially agreed upon, so I just wanted to clarify - is to scoff that so-and-so "isn't gay", so that is that. Which is lame in and of itself because sexuality exists along a spectrum, blah blah preferences blah you don't have to read it blah fuck blah. Yeah.

But anyway. Since I'm jonesing on Static Shock a lot right now, and one of its popular slash pairings, specifically, I've been doing a lot of Google searches. For me, what makes Virgil/Richie a very canon-realistic pairing is that Richie's comic book counterpart, Rick, actually IS gay. As in, it is an ONGOING STORY ARC in which Virgil finds out and deals with it and other conflicts that arise because of it. And finally, after a LOT of searching, I stumbled on a website that offers up brief yet helpful summaries of the 45 volumes of comics, as well as the four-part "Rebirth of the Cool" that was released shortly after the original comics went out of syndication.

I posted a more fangirlish (friends-locked) version of this in my personal journal, but I thought it would be potentially interesting here, too. So without further ado: The proof is in the pudding.Collapse )

Obviously, mileage is still gonna vary on this; there's always the argument that the cartoon is only loosely based off the comic books after all. However, Virgil and Richie are a lot closer in the cartoon than they are even in the comics; it's obvious the cartoon was meant to showcase their being a duo, rather than Virgil belonging to a larger group of friends. So while Rick doesn't necessarily equate to Richie in every way, an argument can certainly be made that his homosexuality was meant to carry over, albeit subtly, into the show. Also, Dwayne McDuffie, the creator, says so ("It'll never come up in the show because it's Y-7 but as far as I'm concerned, Richie is gay"), and that's good enough for me.

Feel free to add your own thoughts/perspectives on this, particularly if you've actually read the issues in question!

* Cross-posted to dakota_bangs and the_gas_station.

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